Choosing fonts: fonts, fonts and more fonts!

Fonts: I gotta have them all!

Choosing fonts takes a lot of time and patience. Which I don’t always have. However, I am completely addicted to fonts. I can’t pass up a pretty font. I’ve tried, I can’t do it. Which is why I currently have over 800 installed on my computer. And even more on a flash drive.

Pallet signs are a lot of fun to make. From the building to the sanding to the painting, I love each and every step. My favorite part is choosing fonts for each sign I make.

When it comes to painting my pallet signs, choosing a font is the step that takes the most time. Coming up with the words or phrases, super simple. But making them look pretty and cohesive is the fun and challenging part.

My font addiction makes this process difficult at times. With over 800 fonts to choose from, I often get caught up in all the ones I forgot I had while I scroll through the very long list.  There are just so many pretty fonts, I must have them all!!

Where I find Free Fonts

Most of my fonts have been found for free thanks to a few of the craft groups I belong to on Facebook.  The great thing about the websites I download them from is that there is an option for buying or donating to the creator for commercial use of the fonts.

Guys, I can seriously spend a whole day scrolling through fonts to download. I need pretty fonts, masculine fonts, dramatic fonts, scary fonts, classic fonts, I must have them all!

Ok enough droning on about my obsession and let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post, where I find my fonts.

I started out on at the recommendations of a fellow crafter. Dafont has a million fonts to choose from. Don’t quote me on that number cuz I don’t know if that’s true lol but it seems like at least that many! I have spent many hours scrolling through the site completely losing track of time.

Another site is So many choices to choose from! has tons of deals on fonts. They have free fonts and paid fonts. What I love most about this site is the daily deals on bundles. I can get multiple fonts at a great discount!

And those are the three sites that I get all my fonts from. I’ll admit that is my favorite. The daily deals get me all the time! I have no self-control on that site!

My favorite fonts

I could sit here and list so many fonts that I love but I decided to dwindle it down to my top ten favorite. And man was that hard!! But it also meant that I got to scroll through all my fonts and find some that I hadn’t used in a while or that I had completely forgotten about.

Remember, I have over 800 fonts! I can’t keep track of them all lol

So here are my 10 favorite fonts:my favorite fonts

  1. Samantha
  2. Java Heritages
  3. Stea
  4. Algerian
  5. Aubrey
  6. Watermelon
  7. Bakery
  8. Ballpark
  9. The Skinny
  10. Cedar


This is a very dwindled down list of my favorites. The Samantha font and Java Heritages are my all time two favorite fonts. Samantha font is girly with all the swirls and swishes and swashes. I use it a lot at Christmas time.

Choosing fonts for my signs is always a fun challenge. Click here to learn how to paint crisp clean lines for your signs.

COmbining fonts

Java Heritages is a multilayered font. What I like most about it is that you can use all the layers on a word or just one or two. The combinations seem endless.

I may try to use Samantha and Java Heritage in the same design soon. I’m not sure how compatible they will be. I’ll have to find the perfect phrase or grouping.

Grouping fonts is a fun game to play. I love mixing a girly, swirly font with a plain jane font or a nice bold one. Script fonts with printed fonts work well together. Gives the sign a nice balance.

How do you choose fonts?  Do you tend to use the same ones or are you like me and always on the hunt for new ones?

Choosing fonts sometimes takes me hours but every now and then I know exactly which one I want to use. Then I go scrolling through my design program to find it and I see 20 more that I wanna use. Maybe I need to downsize my font stash?

No, I could never do that! I’m addicted to fonts.

I could drone on and on about fonts, I’ll stop myself here. Go out and find some of your favorites! And please feel free to share them with me! I’m always looking for a new font! 800 just isn’t enough!



How to Make Paper Pinwheels: for Halloween

Halloween Paper Pinwheels

With fall fast approaching, all I can think about is Christmas crafts! I know, I know, too soon. But all the craft ideas that I could come up with were for Christmas! Until a friend gave me the idea of pinwheels. And I knew they would be perfect for a quick paper project.

I had a stash of Halloween paper left over from last year that would be perfect for this project. You only need a few materials to put this simple craft together, so let’s get started!



*****Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

  1. Double sided scrapbook paper cut in 6″x 6″ squares
  2. Ruler
  3. Pencil
  4. Sewing pin
  5. Small bead
  6. Wood skewer
  7. Needle nose pliers
  8. Hot glue gun (w glue stick obviously)
  9. Scissors

The lighter your paper is, the faster your pinwheel will spin. Scrapbook paper worked perfectly. The double-sided paper gives it a nice look. If you don’t have any on hand, solid color paper will work just as well.

These pinwheels are super easy to make and can be used for any occasion. They would make great party favors for a birthday party.

Cut your paper into 6 inch by 6 inch squares. Fold in half diagonally, open it up and do the same from the other end.

Next measure 3 inches up from each corner and mark it with a pencil. You don’t need a large mark just a small dot. Using the scissors, cut up to this dot.

Poke a hole into your wooden skewer with your sewing pin or a thumb tack.

Use the sewing pin to poke a hole into every other cut corner. You can bend the sewing needle now or wait til the end. I waited til the end as I found it easier, but if you’re doing this with children, bending it ahead of time may be easier for them. It’s just a matter of preference.

Poke the sewing pin through the hole in one of the corners, then follow with each corner, until you have them all on the pin. Finally, poke it through the middle and push it all the way through so the pin is sticking out of the back. Slide the bead onto the pin and then slide the pin into the wooden skewer.

This is the point that I bent my pin. So if you haven’t yet, bend it now. Then holding it with the needle nose pliers, hot glue the pin down to the wooden skewer. This ensures the pin stays in place and also that your kids don’t poke themselves with the pin.


Wasn’t that fun and easy?! Great for a quick craft with the kids or for quick party favor.

Check out the video below to see how I put my Halloween pinwheels together.


*****Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 



How to paint furniture using Wise Owl Paint

Hey guys, I’m so exciting to share more about Wise Owl paint with you all. It is my go to paint for all my furniture painting. The coverage is amazing, there’s no harsh smell, and the best part, for me at least, it’s eco-friendly! Click here to read more on why I love Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint. Continue reading “How to paint furniture using Wise Owl Paint”

Coffee and Crafts: Making Paper Beads

Coffee and Crafts: Let’s make paper beads!

I’m so excited to talk about  making paper beads again! When I first wrote about them, I had learned so much and knew that it was going to be the next episode of Coffee and Crafts. It is such a simple, fun and easy craft for all ages.

I made a few mistakes, I learned what works best for me and what doesn’t work so well. So let me share my experience with you all and maybe you can share yours with me when you try making paper beads for yourself.

If you missed the first article on paper beads you can find it here. That’s where you’ll find the material list and a lot of useful information.

I did experiment with different shapes while cutting my paper for the beads. The one shape that I thought would give me super neat beads, in my opinion, was a fail. I don’t know if it was because my paper wasn’t long enough or  my cuts weren’t deep enough into the shape. But I didn’t get the results I was expecting.

The pendant cut gave me high expectations of a bead that was one but looked like a double bead. Well, mine doesn’t look anything like a double bead. I think it was just the way I cut it and maybe I’ll try again with longer paper. The magazine paper wasn’t quite long enough. pendant shape for paper beads This is the pendant cut. I think if I would have cut it a but higher up, my results would have been more of what I was expecting.

Results from pendant shape

And if my paper would have been longer, I would have gotten the double bead look. Next time I’ll try making paper beads with scrapbook paper. (see video below to see the scrapbook paper and cardstock beads) I did get a nice bead from this cut, just not what I wanted.

The next part of coating the beads was messy but necessary. I used three different mediums to see which I liked the best. My favorite was the triple thick spray.  It gave me a nice shiny, durable bead. And it dried super fast.

The Martha Stewart Gloss Enamel was my second favorite. It took longer to dry but the shine was brilliant.

And my least favorite was the dishwasher safe Mod Podge. While it gave me a shiny finish, it wasn’t  a nice smooth finish. Check out the video below and see how I put the beads together and how I use each of these mediums to seal them.


Please subscribe and share if you want to see more episodes of Coffee and Crafts. Next month I think we will move away from the paper crafts and onto something different. But you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

****Disclosure: Some of the links posted are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.*****

7 Reasons Why I love Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint

I am in no way an expert on paint, but as soon as I tried Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint, I fell in love. The coverage is amazing, its eco friendly and the colors to choose from never disappoint!

I have been focusing on paper crafts a lot lately, they are just so much fun that I get a bit carried away. So I thought I’d expand a little bit on the painting I’m so fond of.

I use all recycled pallet wood for my signs and the few little home decor pieces I make. (like the mason jar project.) I’ve tried a lot of paint brands but Wise Owl is by far my favorite.

For the signs, I will usually stick to my favorite brand of paint but sometimes I stray. I have a lot of miscellaneous paint lying around from past projects so I’ll use it from time to time if I don’t have a color on hand from Wise Owl.

Now for the furniture pieces I paint, I always stick with Wise Owl and let me tell you why. Here are 7 reasons why I think Wise Owl Paint is the best chalk type paint.

1. It’s eco-friendly

It is free of harsh chemicals and solvents and has zero VOC’s. (volatile organic compounds found in many household products, that are generally harmful to your health.)

It is a mineral/clay based paint so it’s surface coverage is amazing! but more on that later! And the waxes are solvent free and made from local beeswax, how cool is that?!

2. No Prep

The number one reason that I love any chalk type paint is the no prep thing. While I think saying no prep is a bit misleading, it is true in the sense that you only have to make sure the piece you’re painting is clean. You don’t have to sand it down to bare wood. But you definitely want to make sure the surface is clean from any dirt or grime.

3. You really can’t mess it up!

It’s true. You can’t mess it up! If you don’t like it just wipe it off or sand it off.  (before you seal it you should make that decision, I feel like this is obvious but should point it out for anyone who has never used chalk type paint before) Wise Owl is self leveling so say goodbye to brush strokes!

4. The colors

Have you seen this color chart?! Just look at all those beautiful colors!

Wise Owl Color chart

I don’t think I need to say anything more about the amazing color choices. They blend so well too! Easy to mix to make your own custom colors.

5. Easy to distress

If you want that old worn look of distress or farmhouse, it’s super easy to achieve with Wise Owl paint. You can use sand paper or the wet distressing method. (more on that in another post, promise! maybe even a tutorial or two)

6. Can be used on any surface

This is undeniably true. I have used it on wood, plastic, glass, ceramic and even canvas. And I’ve gotten great results with every single one.

7. The matte varnish

The Wise Owl Matte Varnish is my go to for all my top coating needs. The durability of it is top-notch! No brush marks, no yucky smell and it doesn’t yellow!!!  Just great results all around! A satin finish is available as well if you like a little bit of shine to the piece you are painting.

So there you have it, my top 7 reason why I love Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint. Get out there and buy some today! I’m lucky enough to have a local retailer. If you want to check for a retailer near you, click here.

Check out some of the pieces I have done in Wise Owl paint.

Let me see some things you have done in Wise Owl Paint!