3 Must Have Craft Tools

My must have craft items

What are your must have tools? We all have our favorites. Those things that you just can’t live without. I’ve narrowed mine down to three. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without these three tools.

My number one is my Cricut machines. I have two and I honestly couldn’t do what I do without them. I just did wedding invitations and having two cutting machines cut my time in half. Pun intended! Cricut machines are amazing and they just keep getting better with each new release. I’ll do a whole Cricut related post at another time. But for now I’ll say this, Cricut inspires me everyday. Whether it’s a greeting card I have to do or stencil I have to make, I always have fun playing with the Cricut. I could go on all day, really. The machine is just the best.

The second tool that I can’t live without is fairly new to me. It was made for me and given to me this past Christmas. It’s a stamping tool. It has no name as of yet except Mine! haha! But it is similar to the Misti stamping tool that’s been on the market for a while. But mine is better because it was made just for me! Homemade gifts are just the best! Don’t you think so? I am sure once I start into my tutorials, you will see my stamping tool a lot! It helps me keep everything perfectly aligned. Especially if I have to make multiples of the same card.

And last but not least my third must have tool is coffee! haha just kidding. But it is a necessity in my life!

The last thing that I absolutely cannot live without is a good pair or scissors. I’m telling you that I have at least 4 pairs of scissors on my desk at all times. I believe I even have a pair of scissors in my purse. Ya know, just in case of those crafting emergencies.  And don’t you dare cut fabric with my paper scissors or paper with my fabric scissors! That could start a major catastrophe!

So there ya have it! My three must have tools for my crafting. I’d love to hear what tools you must have. Drop them in the comment section. Maybe it’s something I haven’t used yet. I love to try new crafting everything!


4 thoughts on “3 Must Have Craft Tools

  1. I’ve heard people rave about the Cricut, but I’m not too crafty so I’ve never really know what it does! Thanks for teaching me. 🙂

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