5 Ways to organize your craft room

Craft Room Chaos!

Does anyone have an organized craft room? I only ask because I do NOT!! I mean, I know where everything is at, most of the time.
Everything has a place, but everything doesn’t always end up back in its place when I’m done using it. So I end up with a hurricane of a craft room. Then I decide to organize and it usually takes me a full day.

And when I return the next day to get some project started or finished, I can’t find anything! It’s a real struggle.

I decided to come up with 5 ways to keep my space organized. Let’s see if I can stick to it!


This seems like it doesn’t need to be said, or shouldn’t need to be said I guess. But I get so caught up in my projects that I say to myself that I will put it all back when I’m done with said project. But guess how often that happens??!

2. Get a peg board.

I recently put a peg board up and let me just tell you….It makes a huge difference! I am limited on space in my craft room. So utilizing the little bit of wall space that I have is amazingly helpful.

3. Storage, Storage, Storage

I have three rather large pieces of furniture in my tiny craft room. One is a beautiful cabinet that was made for me. The other is an old secretary desk that I found on a for sale site that I just couldn’t pass up. And the third is an Ikea cube shelf. I have every nook and cranny filled with my supplies believe me! There is also a small cubby type shelf and one of those plastic drawer bins on the other side of the room and yet I still have stuff on the floor, like my tool box and power drill. I just need a bigger space lol

4. Organize by material

Now I will admit that I struggle with this one. Like a lot! I have paper in three maybe four different spots in one room. It may be because I have an obsession with paper. I can’t help it. Every time I get those emails from my local craft store about a paper sale, I’m standing in line with mounds of paper packs. But in my defense, I use a lot of paper with my projects! I never seem to have enough.
My paint shelf if overflowing as well. There are two spots I store paint so I need some help with that too!


Ok Ok OK, I am so extremely guilty of this one. Who can pass up a good sale? If I could, my craft room wouldn’t be so over crowded with stuff. I have actually cleaned out my craft room twice this year already and given stuff away to my crafty friend. And I still have no room lol!  I LOVE to throw things away, I hate clutter. Like my house doesn’t have a lot of nick nacks and it’s fairly simple on decorations. But when it comes to my craft room, it’s clutter galore!

I have one thing that I do a few times a year to organize some household items. If I haven’t touched, used, or worn it in over a year, it gets pitched or donated.

Here is  a picture of my messy desk after my last project. It’s embarrassing! I have to go clean it now so I can get started on some wedding invitations. Anyone wanna come clean it for me? Anyone? Someone? Please?

My messy desk!

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