Hello and thanks for stopping to check out my page. My name is Misty and  I am excited to share with you all things crafty!

I love to learn new crafts and skills. As a child I always wanted to play with crayons and markers and anything I could get my hands on to create something. I love to paint! I’m not so good at drawing but if you put a paint brush in my hand, I can make something pretty appear.

There is no medium that I don’t enjoy working with. (Well none that I have found yet.) Painting is my all time favorite. It doesn’t matter what I am painting on or what medium I am using, I’m mesmerized every time I put a brush in my hand. I’m in my own little world with just me and my paint brush.

I’ve been painting my whole life but the paper crafting is a fairly new love for me. I was working with a friend of mine and one day she told me about a card class she was attending. I had no idea what she could mean by a “card class”. She explained to me that she gets together with a group of women and someone teaches or shows them how to make specific card. Well I thought that sounded strange. Can’t you just go buy them at Hallmark? Then she showed me some of her creations and I instantly fell in love. I wanted to make my own cards! I must have ALL the stamps and inks and embellishments! I will always be grateful for my crafty friend who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of paper crafts. I never knew there was so many things you could do with paper! My list is still growing!

Now the furniture painting came as a fluke. I had helped my father with a few things when I was a teenager and I loved doing it. And I love doing it now because it keeps his spirit alive. My dad built furniture and would probably hate the fact that I paint it lol But he always supported me so I don’t regret my choices to paint. Besides, it’s just paint. You can always strip it off if you don’t like it. Making things pretty and usable again is so fun!

I had found a dresser on a sale site and decided that I wanted to paint it. No real reason, I just wanted to! It was so much fun and it sold so fast! I was hooked! I wanted to buy all the old things people were getting rid of and make it pretty again!

There’s just something about old furniture that I love. They just don’t make things like they used to anymore. All the furniture I paint needs the love. It’s been damaged in some way or just not very well taken care of. So I fix it and make it pretty so it can be loved again.

So that’s a little bit about me and how I got here. I hope to teach as much as I share on this simple little page of mine. I’m happy  to share with you many different crafts and techniques.

Tutorials and templates of all things crafty will be found here!   There are still so many things I want to learn so stick around and learn them with me!


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