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All about Fonts

Fonts: I gotta have them all!

Choosing fonts takes a lot of time and patience. Which I don’t always have. However, I am completely addicted to fonts. I can’t pass up a pretty font. I’ve tried, I can’t do it. Which is why I currently have over 800 installed on my computer. And even more on a flash drive.

Pallet signs are a lot of fun to make. From the building to the sanding to the painting, I love each and every step. My favorite part is choosing fonts for each sign I make.

When it comes to painting my pallet signs, choosing a font is the step that takes the most time. Coming up with the words or phrases, super simple. But making them look pretty and cohesive is the fun and challenging part.

My font addiction makes this process difficult at times. With over 800 fonts to choose from, I often get caught up in all the ones I forgot I had while I scroll through the very long list.  There are just so many pretty fonts, I must have them all!!

Where I find Free Fonts

Most of my fonts have been found for free thanks to a few of the craft groups I belong to on Facebook.  The great thing about the websites I download them from is that there is an option for buying or donating to the creator for commercial use of the fonts.

Guys, I can seriously spend a whole day scrolling through fonts to download. I need pretty fonts, masculine fonts, dramatic fonts, scary fonts, classic fonts, I must have them all!

Ok enough droning on about my obsession and let’s get to the reason you’re reading this post, where I find my fonts.

I started out on at the recommendations of a fellow crafter. Dafont has a million fonts to choose from. Don’t quote me on that number cuz I don’t know if that’s true lol but it seems like at least that many! I have spent many hours scrolling through the site completely losing track of time.

Another site is So many choices to choose from! has tons of deals on fonts. They have free fonts and paid fonts. What I love most about this site is the daily deals on bundles. I can get multiple fonts at a great discount!

And those are the three sites that I get all my fonts from. I’ll admit that is my favorite. The daily deals get me all the time! I have no self-control on that site!

My favorite fonts

I could sit here and list so many fonts that I love but I decided to dwindle it down to my top ten favorite. And man was that hard!! But it also meant that I got to scroll through all my fonts and find some that I hadn’t used in a while or that I had completely forgotten about.

Remember, I have over 800 fonts! I can’t keep track of them all lol

So here are my 10 favorite fonts:my favorite fonts

  1. Samantha
  2. Java Heritages
  3. Stea
  4. Algerian
  5. Aubrey
  6. Watermelon
  7. Bakery
  8. Ballpark
  9. The Skinny
  10. Cedar


This is a very dwindled down list of my favorites. The Samantha font and Java Heritages are my all time two favorite fonts. Samantha font is girly with all the swirls and swishes and swashes. I use it a lot at Christmas time.

Choosing fonts for my signs is always a fun challenge. Click here to learn how to paint crisp clean lines for your signs.

COmbining fonts

Java Heritages is a multilayered font. What I like most about it is that you can use all the layers on a word or just one or two. The combinations seem endless.

I may try to use Samantha and Java Heritage in the same design soon. I’m not sure how compatible they will be. I’ll have to find the perfect phrase or grouping.

Grouping fonts is a fun game to play. I love mixing a girly, swirly font with a plain jane font or a nice bold one. Script fonts with printed fonts work well together. Gives the sign a nice balance.

How do you choose fonts?  Do you tend to use the same ones or are you like me and always on the hunt for new ones?

Choosing fonts sometimes takes me hours but every now and then I know exactly which one I want to use. Then I go scrolling through my design program to find it and I see 20 more that I wanna use. Maybe I need to downsize my font stash?

No, I could never do that! I’m addicted to fonts.

I could drone on and on about fonts, I’ll stop myself here. Go out and find some of your favorites! And please feel free to share them with me! I’m always looking for a new font! 800 just isn’t enough!



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