Coffee and Crafts: Making Paper Beads

Coffee & Crafts: Let's make paper beads!

Coffee and Crafts: Let’s make paper beads!

I’m so excited to talk about  making paper beads again! When I first wrote about them, I had learned so much and knew that it was going to be the next episode of Coffee and Crafts. It is such a simple, fun and easy craft for all ages.

I made a few mistakes, I learned what works best for me and what doesn’t work so well. So let me share my experience with you all and maybe you can share yours with me when you try making paper beads for yourself.

If you missed the first article on paper beads you can find it here. That’s where you’ll find the material list and a lot of useful information.

I did experiment with different shapes while cutting my paper for the beads. The one shape that I thought would give me super neat beads, in my opinion, was a fail. I don’t know if it was because my paper wasn’t long enough or  my cuts weren’t deep enough into the shape. But I didn’t get the results I was expecting.

The pendant cut gave me high expectations of a bead that was one but looked like a double bead. Well, mine doesn’t look anything like a double bead. I think it was just the way I cut it and maybe I’ll try again with longer paper. The magazine paper wasn’t quite long enough. pendant shape for paper beads This is the pendant cut. I think if I would have cut it a but higher up, my results would have been more of what I was expecting.

Results from pendant shape

And if my paper would have been longer, I would have gotten the double bead look. Next time I’ll try making paper beads with scrapbook paper. (see video below to see the scrapbook paper and cardstock beads) I did get a nice bead from this cut, just not what I wanted.

The next part of coating the beads was messy but necessary. I used three different mediums to see which I liked the best. My favorite was the triple thick spray.  It gave me a nice shiny, durable bead. And it dried super fast.

The Martha Stewart Gloss Enamel was my second favorite. It took longer to dry but the shine was brilliant.

And my least favorite was the dishwasher safe Mod Podge. While it gave me a shiny finish, it wasn’t  a nice smooth finish. Check out the video below and see how I put the beads together and how I use each of these mediums to seal them.


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