Custom Orders are my FAVORITE!!


I love getting custom orders. And I love it even more when they give me free range with just a few guidelines!

When I thought about taking orders I thought, “Who is going to want anything I make?” Sure I’m pretty crafty and like to paint and play with paper. But am I any good at it?

A customer called me and gave me two things he wanted on the sign, a quote and a lotus flower. That’s it.  He said I could do whatever colors, fonts and style that I wanted. I LOVE when a customer trusts my talent! It was so  much fun with this order!

I had forgotten how much I loved painting freehand rather than making and using a stencil.  Picking the colors is the hardest part. Now I have a ton of different paint stashed in pretty much every nook and cranny of my house. So it wasn’t only a choice of colors but brands as well. Not all brands mix well with each other. Latex, acrylic, and chalk type paint over flow more than one shelf in my  house.

For this project I wanted bright pink colors and  soft light greens. And for that reason I chose Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint. I had recently purchased a sample jar of a color called Bloodmoon and have been dying to find a project to use it on. This one seemed perfect! It’s a nice deep maroon and so beautiful. Next I chose Begonia, it’s such a bright girly pink and one of my favorites. It blended so well with Bloodmoon, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the results.

I started with a black base because I wanted the flower to really pop. The leaves are painted in Tourmaline and Sea Salt with a bit of black blended in. The petals are Bloodmoon, Begonia, and Snow Owl. I was happily surprised at how smoothly the Wise Owl paint blended together and gave me the perfect flower.

For the quote I was stuck on what color to use. I didn’t want to use white because it would be too big of a contrast. But grey wasn’t a big of enough contrast. So I took the sign to a local shop where I buy my Wise Owl paint from. And I stood in front of the paint display for a while admiring all the pretty colors! But my eye kept coming back to Blush. It is a very pale pink that would work perfectly with the lotus flower. The results speak for themselves. What do you think?


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