Intro to paper flowers

Paper Flowers

I love paper flowers. I love making them, I love teaching people how to make them, I just love them! So I’d like to introduce you all to paper flowers as well.

There are so many different patterns and styles available. I’ve made a lot of them but there are still tons more I am dying to try.

Paper roses are by far my favorite to make. They look so pretty in just about any color you make them in. The largest one I have made so far was 19″ wide. But I plan to make a GIANT one!  I’ve also made a tiny little rose that wasn’t even a half-inch wide. So fun!

Another one I just recently finished was a dahlia. It took quite a bit longer than the roses do. There are 97 petals in the dahlia that all need to be rolled and glued separately before they were glued together to make this gorgeous flower.

The great thing about the dahlia is that you can make all the petals the same size and the flower can be as big or small as you want it. I made one with 3″ squares and because I hate to waste paper, I used the scraps and made a dahlia with 2″ squares. Boy was that one hard! Lots of burnt fingers on the glue gun lol!

Large paper dahlia

See how pretty the large one came out?! I put it in an old frame that I painted white and I think it looks amazing against this turquoise wall color.

While both the rose and the dahlia were fun to make, the rose is still my favorite. The tutorial will be coming soon. I know I’ve mentioned that on previous posts and I promise, tutorials are coming soon! I want to get a good-sized library up before I publish them here.

There are just so many different ones that I can’t wait to make! I have been experimenting with tissue paper flowers and crepe paper ones as well.

There may also be some kind of give away in the works as well. So as always, Stay Tuned!

9 thoughts on “Intro to paper flowers

    1. I build mostly signs with them but build small things such as garden boxes and planters or shelves. Decorative home decor items. The possibilities are endless with pallets and paper and paint! Lol

  1. Can’t wait to learn about making these 🙂 I’m thinking they might look good in my flatlays for Instagram 🙂 Thanks for doing this!

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