Just another flower tutorial. Help me name this flower.

Brand new flower petal design!

I have been busy trying to figure out how to design my own flower petal designs. While I love the ones in Cricut’s Design space, I don’t want to be limited to only those.

So I’ve downloaded a program and have been learning how to use it for a few months now. I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I have figured out the important features that I need.

Just another flower tutorial

But first let me show you the petal I designed.

petal design

What would you name this petal? Right now its name “Flower petal #2”. It definitely needs a better name than that! You can download this for your own use here.

I cut out 6 of each petal size for this flower. When I got to the smallest petal I ended up only using 5 petals. The center of the petal I used a rolled flower design from Cricut design space.

I made this flower small. It ended up being only 5″ wide. Which is perfect for a tutorial. I started out with a 3″ circle to glue the petal onto. Then I cut small slits in the bottom of the petals. Next I curled the top of the petals using a glue stick. For the smallest petal I used a pencil to curl.

Next put a small dot of glue onto the bottom and fold the flap over to seal. And this is how you get your petal to “stand up”.

I like using hot glue because I trust it won’t come apart. I’m sure you could use other glues but I’ve not had much luck with them holding for a long period of time. With the weight of the flower when you hang them, hot glue stands up to all my tests.

Next you want to start placing your petals onto the circle. You can certainly do this without the circle by gluing the petals to each other. I find that the circle helps me keep everything centered and even.

If you notice, my circle isn’t perfectly cut. And that’s OK. You’re not going to see it once the flower is complete.

I used double-sided scrapbook paper for this flower. It made it easy to show you the steps clearly.

The second layer of petals you want to place offset from the first ones. You will do the same for all four layers. Now you certainly don’t have to use all four layers if you have a different center you like to use. Or you could add more layers to build the flower up completely so you don’t have to use a separate center. There are so many different possibilities.

This is what my center looked like before I rolled it and glued it together. This can be found in Cricut design space. If you don’t have a Cricut, I suggest ya get one! lol! It cuts my prep time in half! Here’s a link to the newest Cricut, The Maker.

Here’s the finished flower. I love it! I’m a big fan of purple. So many of my tutorials may be in purple. Or pink is another favorite!

I hope you enjoyed making your very own paper flower with my new petal design. I’d love to hear from you and see your flowers.

Stay tuned for more designs and tutorials coming soon!

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