Knitting…a beginners story

I went to a knitting class this morning. I have always wanted to make big, pretty comfy cozy blankets. You know the kind every grandma has on the back of their sofas? Don’t judge, cuz you know how warm and fuzzy you felt all wrapped up in Grandma’s blanket.

I’ve tried my hand at crochet and I taught myself 2 stitches and I enjoy it. However, no matter how much I count or how many YouTube videos I watch, my blankets are always crooked. If you could see the baby blanket I made my best friends kids, you’d have a look of shock before your body shook with laughter. They aren’t so much square or rectangle as they are rhombus shaped. But the kids love them and still use them, so that’s what really counts!

Now let me tell you about this class. I had no idea what to expect honestly. I’ve never taken any type of crafty class, as weird as that sounds being that I’m all about all things crafty. I’m pretty much self-taught in my crafty abilities or lack there of.

The class took place at a local shop just down the street from me. I had been to this local shop before, I went in during an event the town was having and I stood in awe of the wall of yarn. It was inviting and I wanted to sit and make something pretty. Only I had no idea how. But I couldn’t wait to get those needles in my hands and start.

I invited my step mom along with me. She crochets so I thought this would be something nice we could do together. There were 3 other women in the class, one I believed had experience w crochet as well. And one woman had tried her hand at knitting before and just wanted to refresh her memory I suppose.

We sat at what appeared to be a kitchen table in the back of the yarn shop. It was nice and cozy, a very pleasant atmosphere and there were cookies!

The woman teaching the class was just the best. She was easy to talk to and didn’t drone on about stuff. There is nothing worse than a boring teacher, right? She had funny stories and antidotes to teach us the basic steps. There were rabbits and fishing holes and rooster heads and kids in the park. It was comical and informative! I wish I could remember all the fun antidotes but remembering isn’t a quality I posses.

She taught us the knit stitch and I really enjoyed that one. Then she made me do it backwards (called a purl stitch apparently) and I didn’t enjoy that as much lol. Then she made us do one knit stitch and added a goal posts antidote and then one purl stitch. I didn’t enjoy that either lol it took a lot more concentration then I thought it would. I’m so impatient I just wanna go, go, go and end up with a pretty scarf , which is what I assumed we were gonna end up with.

But in the end, once I got the hang of it, my little knitted swatch of yarn didn’t come out as bad as I was expecting. So now I’m off to practice my knit stitch and I suppose I’ll give that purl one another try as well.

casting on and one row done
Here’s my first stitch after “casting on”


There’s always something to learn! And this knitting thing may just be my new obsession. I must have a comfy cozy blanket!!

knitting a couple rows.
My progress is slow, but so far straight lines!! YAY!!

I can’t wait until I’m good enough at this knitting thing to make a big comfy cozy blanket! And the hardest part will be picking out the colors, hopefully.

I still need to learn how to read a pattern, but one thing at a time. I’ve got two stitches to practice, so friends and family, look out for scarfs for Christmas! 😉

If you’d like to see more of my knitting journey, stay tuned! It may just become a Coffee and Crafts episode!

7 thoughts on “Knitting…a beginners story

  1. I love that you are taking up a skill that you have had interest in for a while. I learned how to knit as a kid, when I was about 11 or so, and really enjoyed it. I never made anything big, but it was kind of relaxing. But I stopped for some reason and now I couldn’t do even a single stitch if my life depended on it, haha. Perhaps I should try and pick it up again.

    1. ❤️ thank you. I don’t find it relaxing yet, as I’m still learning. But I can’t wait to do more! Scarf first, then I’m gonna try a hat! Wish me luck! Lol you should pick it back up, see what happens !

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