Coffee and Crafts: Learning to crochet. 🧶

Learning how to crochet

I have always been in love with soft, comfy cozy blankets. The handmade kind that used to hang on the back of grandma’s couch. You know the kind with the granny squares of multiple colors that you can wrap around you and hunker down to watch a movie. Learning to crochet sounded like a great idea. I picked up a crochet hook and some yarn and a do it yourself book. It seemed like an easy enough thing to teach myself. So full of confidence I began my first baby blanket. I was going to learn to crochet no matter what!

I successfully learned to chain a single row. Then I continued to make a baby blanket with a single crochet stitch. It was fun and simple and I loved every minute of it. I had no idea I was supposed to count stitches or that I could change colors or add different stitches. I was clueless but happy in my ignorance. Then I finished the blanket… was not so much square as it was a rhombus shape. At first I was disappointed but couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong. I loved the process of the single crochet stitch but I was clearly doing something wrong. 


I wanted to gift the blanket to a friend who had just had a baby but I was embarrassed because it was soooooo crooked. Like seriously I made a new shape without a name.  But she was my best friend and I knew she would appreciate it anyway. And I was right, her daughter still uses it to this day. ❤  Then she had a son and I made him a crooked one too, not on purpose but I clearly couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong!

I put down my hooks for quite a few years. No matter how many books I read about it, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Who knew learning to crochet was gonna be so difficult? And then there was YouTube!! Thank goodness for video tutorials! I found some great videos from Avery Lane Creations and I’m so thankful for her! She was my inspiration to pick up the crochet hook again and give it a try. Especially after my knitting experience, I just knew that I could figure this crochet thing out! 

Start from the beginning.

So I started from the beginning. I knew I had to forget everything that I thought I knew about crochet and start fresh. Beginning with picking the right hook for my yarn, which again I had no clue mattered so much. But now that I know I’m like DUH!!! And who knew there were so many different kinds of yarn?!?!?! And oh so many pretty stitches!! But I knew I needed to start small and simple. So I chose my yarn by color which is probably wrong but it was also helpful because the genius yarn people put the hook size right on the yarn wrap for you!! Brilliant idea for clueless people like me who just want to make pretty things. 

The first video I watched seemed like a no brainer, the slip knot. However, I was sticking to the “I know nothing about crochet, have to start at the beginning” ideology.  How could I possibly be doing that wrong? There are a few different ways to make a slip knot but this one is the easiest in my opinion. Ok so now that I got the slip knot down, I started on making a chain. I could do the chain stitch all day, seriously all day. It’s so relaxing! But that won’t give me a big comfy cozy blanket. And with all this cold weather I really need a big comfy cozy blanket! 

My crochet chain, simple and fast to make.

Now that I have the chain, it’s time to learn the next step. I wanted to start simple and nothing that I had to keep counting. The best way for me to learn is repetition. So I thought I’d start with the single crochet stitch and do the same stitch for the whole blanket. And me being me, I didn’t want just a little baby blanket, I wanted a BIG blanket! So I started out with a chain of 200 stitches. Then I watched another one of Avery Lane Creations videos to learn the single crochet stitch. She makes it all seem so simple, like magic! I really can’t say enough good things about her tutorials. 

Here’s my progress. I can’t wait until I’m good enough to be faster so I can get my blanket finished faster lol! 

slow progress

Seriously look at this stitch….I love it! And I have finally figured out how my baby blankets from 10 years ago ended up crooked. I wasn’t adding a single stitch at the end of the row for my turning stitch. oops! or I was adding it on one end and not the other. My tension was also a hot mess. But that all came with practice. Here’s another video that shows how to hold your yarn to help with the tension problems. Boy oh boy, was a huge help!!! 

The next thing I wanted to learn in crochet was how to change colors. And as I do with many things I’m learning, I wing it! What could go wrong? Well… took me quite a few tries but I eventually figured it out. It was as simple as tying the two colors together with a tiny knot. I found a diagram on Pinterest to follow. I did try to just continue the stitch without joining the yarns together but that ended up with me unraveling half my work to fix all my mistakes. So joining the yarn together was the way to go. successful color change!Success!!! Learning to crochet was starting to be a lot of fun!So fun! Changing colors is easier than I thought!

I impressed myself with changing the colors! And my ends are all still perfectly straight!!! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do stripes or blocks. But I was having fun practicing changing the colors! stripes or blocks, changing colors is fun!

But in the end I decided on just a couple of stripes. I wanted one big blue stripe, a skinny grey stripe and then another but smaller blue stripe. I wanted it to look like those flour sack tea towels. You know which ones I’m talking about? White with the two blue stripes down the side? That’s the look I was going for. And it worked out beautifully since I kept losing track of my row counts. I think the next thing I need to learn is how to count my stitches lol. Here is my progress so far….

so far so good! But still a long way to go!

I am nowhere near finished but I am having a lot of fun practicing the single crochet stitch. And hopefully when it’s done it will fit on my bed. I’ll be sure to update the finished piece. 

I plan to learn each stitch the same way, by making a blanket with the same stitch throughout. Maybe next time I wont choose such a big size though! Silly me thought I could make the whole blanket in a weekend🤣! Lesson learned! 

Learning to read a pattern will come after I learn all the stitches. I think that’s why I can’t read one now is because I’m not familiar with all the different stitches. So baby steps for me as I slowly learn one stitch at a time.

Knitting seemed easier to me when I tried it but crochet seems to come more naturally. I can do it a lot faster than the knitting. Although I am still learning the knitting, I think I like crochet better. 

Be sure to check out the facebook page for updates on the blanket progress!

2 thoughts on “Coffee and Crafts: Learning to crochet. 🧶

  1. I am so excited for you! Crocheting is so much fun and you will never get bored. There is always something new to learn. It warms my heart to know that my video tutorials helped you!
    I will be watching your Facebook page for updates on the blanket. You are doing a beautiful job so far. I love the stripes and your stitches are so consistent. You are a natural. 💗

    1. Thank you so much!! I’m having a lot of fun learning and can’t wait to watch more of your videos. Maybe I’ll be able to make one of my own soon, maybe with the next stitch I learn from you 😉

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