My favorite craft tool

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My Cricut Maker is my favorite craft tool ever!!

I have always loved crafting. From the first time I pieced together my hand turkey in kindergarten. To the first painting I created with  my fingers, which I still prefer to a paint brush.

There are so many tools I use for my many creative outlets. I have my favorite paints, brushes, scissors, paper and glue. But my most favorite craft tool ever is my Cricut Maker.

A few years ago, I had no idea what a Cricut cutting machine was. I knew that I wanted a machine to help me with my new obsession of paper crafts. Cutting the paper flower petals by hand was becoming painful lol!

So I started researching. And the amount of information, the pro and con lists I made to decide which machine was best for me, was overwhelming. I couldn’t make a decision!

As it turns out, I didn’t have to make a decision. Because I was so indecisive, I hadn’t made a purchase. I kept going back and forth between two completely different machines, the Cricut and the Brother scan and cut. And then Christmas time came around and it just so happened that Santa left me a Cricut Explore Air under my tree!

I was so excited!! It opened up a whole new world of crafting for me. When the Maker came out, I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need it. My explore was wonderful and I used it all the time. But again, Santa surprised me. And now that I have two machines, I can get twice as much work done!

While the explore is a great machine and I still use it, the Maker is a bit faster and it cuts more delicate designs. And that really came in handy recently when I needed to cut 75 gatefold card for my cousin’s wedding invitations.

wedding invitations

What are some of your favorite crafting tools?


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29 thoughts on “My favorite craft tool

  1. My sister recently got a cricut machine and absolutely LOVES it. We collaborated on a shadowbox for our parents’ 50th anniversary. She used the machine and it made all the difference. So cool!

  2. I have a cameo so I know the love!!!! I can do anything wiht my cameo from shirts to cups! I love crafting!

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