Pallet Signs: My favorite thing to paint.

Pallet signs are my favorite to paint. There is inspiration everywhere for new home decor signs. Especially with fall and the holiday season coming up! It has occurred to me that while I have the name Pallets, Paper and Paint, I have not shared with you all my creations.

While I was busy focusing on paper crafting info and tutorials, I’ve forgotten about all the pretty things I have the privilege to make.

And I have been busy! At first I was having a tough time coming up w things that I wanted to make for fall. So I opened up the trusty Pinterest account and found all the pretty fall inspiration I needed. That’s the great thing about Pinterest, you can find anything! Seriously, it never disappoints.

I get to share all my pallet sign creations in a local shop called Vintage Soul Rehab. And I was so excited to put up some fall decor. I also can’t wait until I can display Christmas decor!!

Click here to see how I paint my pallet signs.

Enough of my rambling. Here are some pictures of all my pretties! Enjoy!


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