Where I find my inspiration

Where oh where can it be?

There are days, like today, that I have zero motivation and nothing seems to inspire me. Regardless of the fact that I am unable to work today because I hurt my back, I could still make lists of future projects. Research new designs, make new designs, or learn something new.  I just need to find that one thing to kick my butt in gear!

So where do you go to find your inspiration? Do you ask a friend, do you rely on social media? Pinterest? Instagram? Past projects?

My answer to that question is yes. Yes to all. It’s not so much as coming right out and asking a friend for ideas. I could be having a conversation with someone and an idea would just pop into my head! Or, and I know it’s awful, but I could be complaining that I just can’t seem to find my motivation today. And as wonderful as my friends are, they help me come up with some ideas. Or they join in on my laziness for the day haha! It’s ok to take a day off once in a while! Being creative is hard work!

Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration. My Pinterest account is filled with all kinds of ideas and projects that I want to try to share my results. You get to follow other people with similar interests to yours. The things people come up with never cease to amaze me!

Instagram is another great resource for me. My Instagram account has lots of photos of past projects that I love to scroll back through to see my growth as an artist. Paper crafting is in abundance on Instagram so I know I can always find new ideas.

Now past projects always gets me new ideas. I can look at projects and see things that I could have done differently or even improved on. Learning as I grow this tiny business of mine is a lot of work, but I enjoy it!  And I hope you will stick around to watch and learn with me!

Long Live the Adventure!


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